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Therapeutic Yoga


for pain, physical challenges, and mental health.

Back Pain Relief

As we live longer, we must care for our bodies in order to remain independent. IPATH is specifically designed for relief and prevention of the most common forms of skeletal and mobility ailments.

Posture Alignment

Through a series of reclining relaxing poses - IPATH allows the body to transform into natural alignment and reset from accumulated misaligned posture habits,  injuries, or chronic pain. Be confident, and live a life of we'll-being.

Sleep  Awareness

IPATH is more than just a class or practice, but a self awareness of how our own bodies work. Through better sleep habits and small changes to our daily lives, IPATH creates sustainable change.

Integral Postural Alignment Therapeutics

2024 Teacher Training 

  Step onto your path of healing and service. 

This is a hybrid continuing education course . First a journey for your own practice, and second, an opportunity to receive certification as an IPATH Teacher.


We  began sharing this training in 2017 and have guided hundreds of students  around the world. 

Are you ready to train?

Mind is the Master

Yoga with Props

Begin your healing path

The IPATH® Method

Integral   Postural  Alignment  Therapeutics

Restores natural back/body adjustments using mindful yoga release techniques to eliminate stress, provide pain solutions -helping clients experience well-being and work with  underlying causes of suffering.

Integral Postural Alignment Therapeutics, known as the IPATH® Method, is a whole-body evolution of knowledge and action. It is a means of bringing about transformation and discovery on multiple levels. It reveals the many parts that combine the whole body, the subtle body and conscious awareness, as a path, yielding release, insight, and empowerment.


The IPATH® Method, was created in 2012 as a gateway to a profound level of awareness, which lies beyond physical postures or habitual levels of perception. We utilize yoga poses and tools, such as somatic ease, and other therapeutic techniques to enable one to experience the root cause of pain at a level of pure sensation referred to as the faculty of interoception - the capacity to read and feel the subtle sensations of the body.


As our posture deteriorates, joints can become restricted, weak and can result in potential stress. Imbalances, stiffness, and loss of motion, may lead to overcompensation, decompression and disease for the peripheral body and subtle body systems. 


The IPATH® Method is unique not because we begin with myofascial release- but because we don't leave you there! We go to the "root" cause. The practice allows the body to reset to the most natural and efficient shape with bone alignment and hands off manipulation through intentional breathwork and relaxation, allowing for permanent transformation, and well-being.


There are two groups who come to IPATH®...those who have tried other therapies with little success, or those who have heard of the IPATH® results from friends and doctors.  



Joyce C.

"I tried everything from acupuncture, cortisone even hanging upside down, trying to relieve back pain. The results had always been temporary.  I went to an IPATH workshop after reading how it could help my scoliosis. Not only did I find relief from pain after my first session, but after a few sessions I was hooked because it felt very relaxing. And so far after 9 months, I am pain free and my spine has been corrected. Nothing temporary about it. IPATH is a must!"

Helen Brunner Sp small.png

Helen B.

"Denese has transformed my body in ways I couldn't even imagine when I started working with her in 2015 as part of the recovery from a bad fall. She put me on the path I have been struggling to find for decades. I am committed to aging well, and she has helped me make that commitment a reality."


Rodger T.

"I had been suffering from acute pain from herniated discs, for longer than I'd like to remember, until a friend recommended IPATH. I no longer have back pain, and have learned to sleep on my back, which Denese highly recommends. She has also helped my family members. We are all more erect and I have literally grown mind and body! My Dr. indicated I grew more than half an inch in one year! I highly recommend IPATH® for anyone with back and joint pain."


Dr. Richard Cohen

"The IPATH Method has saved my life! Once so stiff, I laid in bed hoping to get better. Now able to live a better quality of the life I had missed. I now play all of my favorite sports and sleep like a baby. I'm 70 and began this necessary practice 8 years ago."


Barbara Stevens

"Sure, I have back pain, who doesn't? After just one IPATH session, I was hooked! It was so relaxing I actually fell asleep. Somehow emerged feeling taller and for many days, back pain had subsided. I know I have more to do, but since there are no exercised involved just resting in restorative positions, has given me a new lease on life."


Sandra Graves

"Thank you for creating  IPATH. Plagued with back pain as far back as I hate to remember. Not only is IPATH easy to do, but every time I take a class, I feel in complete control of my posture and amazed that after one year, I have no more back pain. No more useless cortisone shots, just decompression. Unbelievable!"

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