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"The IPATH Method has saved my life! Once so stiff, I laid in bed hoping to get better. Now able to live a better quality of the life I had missed. I now play all of my favorite sports and sleep like a baby. I'm 70 and began this necessary practice 8 years ago."
- Dr. Richard Cohen (2019)

There are 2 groups who come to IPATH®...those who have tried other therapies with little success, or those who have heard of the IPATH® results from friends and doctors. Back/Body pain is real! Read what clients and teachers say 

Thank you for creating  IPATH. Plagued with back pain as far back as I hate to remember. Not only is IPATH easy to do, but every time I take a class, I feel in complete control of my posture and amazed that after one year, I have no more back pain. No more useless cortisone shots, just decompression. Unbelievable!
-Sandra Graves-

Sure, I have back pain, who doesn't? After just one IPATH session, I was hooked! It was so relaxing I actually fell asleep. Somehow emerged feeling taller and for many days, back pain had subsided. I know I have more to do, but since there are no exercised involved just resting in restorative positions, has given me a new lease on life. 

-Barbara Stevens-

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