®"I tried everything from acupuncture, cortisone even hanging upside down, trying to relieve back pain. After one year, scoliosis gone, back pain none and I have actually

grown 1 full inch.

Thank you IPATH®"

"Denese has transformed my body in ways I couldn't even imagine when I started working with her 36 months ago as part of the recovery from a bad fall. She put me on the path I have been struggling to find for decades. I am committed to aging well, and she has helped me make

that commitment a reality."

"I had tried everything to help relieve pain in my back from herniated discs. I no longer have back pain, and have learned to sleep on my back. She has also helped a few of my family members. We are all more erect and have literally grown more than half and inch in one year! I highly recommend IPATH® for anyone with back and joint pain."