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The IPATH® Method continuing education courses are open to certified healthcare professionals. Learn to integrate intelligent and safe sequences that unlock pain, reeducate the mind body connection, and balance the nervous system. 

Even if you teach yoga mindfully, skillfully , and aware. Are you prepared for students who seek answers to pain, discomfort, or injuries?  IPATH Restorarative Yoga, Mat Pilates, and IPATH II,  is your path to help support and eliminate stress and tension for groups and private clients with confidence.


IPATH® 75 hr. Restorative Yoga Foundations

An integral yoga program fostered on musculoskeletal and myofascial therapeutic techniques, used to correct posture, relieve pain, and restore resilience for wellbeing.  

Stretching on Yoga Mat

IPATH® 20 hr.

Mat Pilates

  Learn structural integration, spine manipulation using three IPATH® foundation poses along with Pilates exercises that build core strength and awareness for back

care and injuries.   

Women Stretching

IPATH® II  25 hr. 

Deeper Pathologies

Learn somatic and subtle body awareness for specific pathologies, mental health and special needs  Gain confidence teaching pre-postnatal clients and make sense of the IPATH® spinal washing sequence.

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The IPATH® certification uses modules and resources, along with livestream immersions to help reach your teachering goals anywhere/anytime.  Receive continuing education credits  with Yoga Alliance® . Our program is  perfect for yoga teachers, physical therapists, pilates teachers, chiropractors, and most healthcare practitioners.  The use of yoga tools, such as somatic ease, yoga poses, breath work, and other therapeutic techniques helping to transform  the whole body, and end suffering. The IPATH® Method is easily adapable to most practices, or practiced as a  unique whole-body evolution of knowledge and action. It is a means of bringing about transformation and discovery on every level. It reveals the many parts that make up the whole body, the subtle bodies, consciousness awareness, yielding release, insight, and empowerment.

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