IPATH® 75 hr Fundamentals

IPATH® 30 hr Advanced Level II 

IPATH® 20 hr Mat Pilates

IPATH® Master Trainer Course

200 hr  ONLINE Yoga Teacher Training

300 hr Yoga Destination Teacher Training


We are recruiting passionate healthcare professionals who'd like to become IPATH® instructors

Teacher Training-75 hr IPATH® Fundamentals   2020

The 75  hour IPATH® Restorative Yoga training is in line with Yoga Alliance® continuing education standards and designed for healthcare professionals. Integral Postural Alignment Techniques IPATH® is a holistic “hands-off” yoga method that will eliminate back/body pain using the unique 5 pose sequence of myofascial release, alignment, and trigger point techniques that render the whole body restored. This mat-based practice is a failproof method that takes the guesswork out of pain management release. Great for yoga teachers, physical therapists, pilates teachers, or chiropractors, to integrate into their current practice. 

Under the direction of founder Denese Cavanaugh, ERYT-500/CPT/YACEP, you’ll learn to appreciate myofascial manipulation, and explore how the essentials of restorative, yin poses, chakras, trigger point release, and alignment methods when worked together profoundly eliminate back/body pain. Learn at home at your own pace with our 50 hr online Module program, and schedule the 3rd  on-site Module at various locations in the US and abroad. The course includes proper cueing for all poses,  20 "live" classroom study videos, and training tools, enabling teachers to be confident in teaching  the IPATH® Method.   


  IPATH® Foundations 75 hr Online/On-Site course $850

Allows teachers to teach private and group IPATH® Foundations



IPATH® II 30 hr Online course $550

Allows certified IPATH® teachers to conduct workshops,retreats and explore deeper awareness for structural integration and deeper foundation using trigger point therapy. Learn to work with special needs population as a private practice, and specific groups.

prerequisite IPATH® Foundations Certification


IPATH® Pilates 20 hr Online course $375

Structural Integration, Spinal Manipulation using  IPATH®'s 5 pose foundations along with Pilates exercises that build core strength and awareness for all populations and injuries. Offer private and group IPATH® Pilates classes. prerequisite IPATH® Foundations Certification


IPATH® Master Trainer 40 hr On-site course $1,400

At this  level IPATH® leaders are responsible for presenting courses designed to teach healthcare pros to become Certified IPATH® Master Trainers. Becoming an IPATH® Master Trainer offers a chance to profoundly increase your knowledge of IPATH® techniques while also generating more income. You will not only be able to continue presenting classes to the public but also teach courses creating new Certified IPATH® Instructors. prerequisite IPATH® Foundations Certification, IPATH® II or and IPATH® Pilates

Upcoming Training
200 HR. ONLINE Yoga Teacher Training
Fri, May 01
200 HR ONLINE Yoga Certification
May 01, 7:00 PM EDT – Jul 01, 11:00 PM EDT
200 HR ONLINE Yoga Certification
Experience the fundamentals of Vinyasa & Yin with through the Mala Flow practice to inspire others or to deepen your own practice, with this Yoga Alliance.org approved 200 HR.certification program, which trains you to teach safe, fun, and empowering yoga classes.
300hr RYT Destination Training (1)
Summer 2020-
300RYT Online & On-site 2020-2021
Summer 2020-
300RYT Online & On-site 2020-2021
Milan & Agropoli, Italy coming Spring 2020 Advanced 300 hr RYT to become RYT500 WELCOME to the 300 hr RYT Deva Yogamynd advanced yoga teacher training. Like they say, every journey begins with a single step and completing your RYT 200 hr. certification gives you the next step to advanced training.

IPATH® Training Dates

Modules 1, 2 & 4   are available to study online 

  IPATH® Foundations 75 hr Online/On-Site course

On-site Module 3 (prerequisite Module 1 and or 2)

Milan Italy Jan 14/15 2020 

Rockville, MD  April 18/19. 2020

Los Angeles, CA  May 16/17, 2020

Brescia, Italy September 5/6, 2020

Bethesda, MD Fall 2020

Chicago, Il 2021

Milan, Italy 2021

Rio de Janeiro, Feb 2021

London, England 2021

Berlin, Germany 2021


IPATH® II 30 hr Online/On-Site course

Bethesda, MD November 7/8, 2020

Milan, Italy 2021


IPATH® Pilates 20 hr On-Site course  DTBD


IPATH® Master Trainer 40 hr On-site course 

Bethesda, MD 2022

Milan, Italy 2022

Module 3 Online 

Postponed due to Covid-19