Our Calling
To cultivate lasting impressions through self-discovery and compassion, while providing a path to move and be well. 

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 Integral Postural Alignment Therapeutics  

Online/livestream Teacher Training
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IPATH® 75 hr. Restorative Yoga Foundations

IPATH® 20 hr. Mat Pilates

IPATH® II  25 hr. (pre/postnatal and deeper skeletal pathologies)

IPATH® 30 hr. Teacher Trainer  Franchise

Achieve your registered IPATH® Certification with online modules and resources, along with "on-air" immersions to reach and enhance your career anywhere/anytime.  Continuing education credits  with Yoga Alliance®  - perfect for yoga teachers, physical therapists, pilates teachers, chiropractors, and most healthcare practitioners to integrate in their current practice. The IPATH Method offers a somatic level of awareness as a gateway to a profound level, which lies beyond our habitual level of perception.
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 Online / Livestream 
IPATH® Teacher Training Programs

Distant Learning is a valuable alternative to traditional training. Access the IPATH® training modules anytime from anywhere in the world.     

                             75 HR IPATH® Restorative Yoga Fundamentals Certification

An integral yoga program fostered on musculoskeletal and myofascial therapeutic techniques, used to correct posture, relieve pain, and restore resilience for wellbeing.  


 Online & Live virtual modules course tuition $850.00 USD



BEGIN TODAY with Module 1online

                                      20 hr IPATH® Pilates Certification

"LIVE" Virtual weekend course.  Learn structural integration, spinal manipulation using three IPATH® foundational poses along with Pilates exercises that build core strength and awareness for all populations and injuries.  Teaching  IPATH®  Pilates is open to all healthcare professionals.  Tuition $375.00 USD  see curriculum>> and course dates

                                                      25 hr IPATH® II

Allows certified IPATH®  to explore deeper awareness for specific pathologies, mental health and special needs populations. Gain confidence teaching pre-postnatal clients and understand how to use the IPATH® spinal washing sequence. for private and group practices. prerequisite = IPATH® Restorative Yoga certification Online Certification 

Online & Live virtual modules  Online/"Live" Virtual weekend course tuition       $425.00 USD

                                30 hr IPATH® Teacher Trainer Certification

Becoming an IPATH® Teacher Trainer will create an opportunity to profoundly increase your knowledge of IPATH® techniques while also generating more tiered income. In addition to teaching workshops, retreats, you will acquire skills to become an international presenter. IPATH® teacher trainers will lead their own teacher training course using the IPATH® curriculum to certify healthcare professionals in The IPATH Method. 

prerequisite = IPATH® Restorative Yoga Certification, IPATH® Mat Pilates and IPATH® II pre/postnatal

Online & Live virtual modules. Tuition $850.00