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25 hr. IPATH® II  Curriculum

IPATH II Curriculum


Online 25 Hr. Teacher Training 






25 hr IPATH® II   Livestream and In-Studio Certification  

16  Yoga Alliance continuing education credits           $425.00 USD

The IPATH II certification allows certified IPATH® restorative teachers and other healthcare professionals to explore deeper awareness for structural integration and deeper injuries and pathologies using trigger point therapy techniques. With foundational IPATH@ Integral Postural Alignment Techniques, this training will help teachers to mindfully work with special needs populations, pre-post natal sequences, and understand how to work with deeper spinal issues using the IPATH® spinal washing sequence. This training will also focus on helping teachers expand their network by skillfully creating workshops, group & private sessions, and retreats successfully.

Prerequisite: 75 hr IPATH Restorative Yoga certification, and healthcare professionals with a Myofascial trigger point therapy certification. 

In IPATH Restorative Yoga you:

  • Learned structural integration, and spinal manipulation using five IPATH® foundational poses.

  • Myofascial Release Techniques to unlock tension and stress 

  • Learned musculoskeletal balancing, along with being able to confidently help clients with scoliosis.

  • Used the 5 Kosha system to balance and bring resilience to the body

  • Learn to body map and balance the body to re-pattern and re-align the skeleton

  • Applied skillful assessments and before/after results for back/body pain relief


In IPATH Mat Pilates you:

Learned to open the body with myofascial release, eliminating tension before strengthening. 

Learned to springboard off of the IPATH Restorative Yoga alignment and lengthening process, as a progression from a release to core strength for all populations with injuries and back/body pain.  

Applied the Joseph Pilates philosophy of Contrology with IPATH foundation pilates exercises, which prepares the body for Joseph Pilates sequences


In IPATH II you will:

  • Learn to skillfully help clients with injuries and deeper pathologies such as Parkinson's disease, Spinal cord injury, sciatica, and many other neurological disorders

  • Learn to use appropriate props and trigger point therapy techniques for the IPATH® spinal washing technique 

  • Learning the difference between decompression and deep release techniques, and when/how to safely apply them

  • Pre-Postnatal IPATH® sequences 

  • Learn to go deeper with the Kleshas and Koshas 

  • Learn to feel confident guiding your special needs populations

  • Sleep awareness sequences- learn key sleeping poses that keep the body balanced even when sleeping.

  • We will explore proficient ways you can monetize your business applying your knowledge to doing private sessions, group classes, workshops, and retreats.

Necessary props:

You will need 2 lacrosse balls- we will supply the case for the spinal washing or buy the balls along with the case on our SHOP page

Bolsters, blankets, 3 yoga blocks, IPATH decompression balls, 


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