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Step #1

Let's Meet & Greet in your city!
Or sign up for Early Bird
You can get to know more about The IPATH Method.
Join a M
eet & Greet info session and prepare for training. All your questions will be answered and BONUS! You get to try the practice and receive a 15% meet & greet discount on your tuition.
Head over to our Teachers Calendar 
and sign up for a
Meet & Greet in your city
prepare to train!

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Next Training!

May 18-June 17

Module 1 


May 18-19

9 am - 6 pm EST




JUNE 15-16 

Module 1 

Live & Livetream in Studio 

Open May 9

Step #2
Training Application

Yoga teachers, Yoga Therapists, Physcial Therapists, Personal Trainers, and other healthcare professionals with a passion for teaching restorative yoga are welcome!

Allow us to know more about you.

Are you a likely candidate to teach IPATH restorarative yoga? Please complete our application form and you will recieve a response withing 24 hours. 

You may also call us at +1 301-450-5940

How did you become aware of The IPATH Method?

Please describe your yoga  teaching / practice in the past 2 years.

Do you currently work with students/clients with injuries and chronic pain?

We train teachers in various countries. Which country and language do you prefer?

Which is your favorite?
Which is your least favorite?

Please upload your current certification or professional resume

Upload Document

Thanks for submitting!

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