Back Pain Relief

From Denese

After having taught yoga to thousands of bodies in various cities, there still were so many students asking how they could specifically relieve lower back pain - too many to ignore.

I found the IPATH method out of necessity, hoping to heal.

So, I decided to stop and listen. I dedicate the time and appreciated how it starts with the heart opener, releasing fascia. Realizing there is a connection between "letting go" and allowing an organic release to permeate the body. People reported improvement and pain relief even after the first session.  Remarkably, clients spoke of an awakening in the body.  


After numerous case studies and patience, I developed a series of techniques and poses, done in a specific order for optimal results. The body is first primed to release tension, before accepting it's natural shape as layers of poor habits and stress are let go.


This practice became so popular that the majority of my students were requesting the IPATH sessions instead of our regularly scheduled yoga or pilates. I couldn't keep up with the demand and am now training other fitness and wellness professionals how to use it.

IPATH is based upon a proven sequence, specifically designed for sufferers of back pain. First, preparing specific areas of the body, through restorative poses, then developing the strategic strength and forming a connection between conscious body awareness and good habits. Through the practice, the body relearns to heal itself as a whole and the practitioner learns skills to maintain good alignment for lasting pain relief.