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I consider myself fortunate to have been gifted with teaching many styles of yoga in many parts of the world  since 1996. Many humbling experiences bought me where I am today, and I am truly grateful to my teachers and those who not only support me, but apply what I teach to live well. Curiosity, led me to discovered The IPATH Method in 2009,, and codified it in 2012.  Many trusted and asked how they could specifically relieve lower back pain, - too many students to ignore.

The PATH® Method in 2012  was created out of necessity.

I stopped, observed, and listened... then devoted time in cultivating with awareness, how fascia held stress and triggers deep within the body, and at the same time, discovered the compliment of breathwork (prana), and how it dynamically affected systems, elements and dimensions, in the human body, which is the life force, and power behind our physical and emotional being. The IPATH practice, begins with the (Anahata) Heart  Chakra to elicit a sense of ease, compassion, and energy. This is essential when relaxing soft tissues, and subtle layers of fascia while in a resting state. A work-in, with rest!    Layers of stuck and blocked patterns, deep within the body, are discovered, surrendering to pain, and lengthen the whole body. The IPATH sequence is still unique and even more relevant today, since it was helped many to live a life of wellbeing.




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