Postural Alignment 


Sitting is the new smoking

For the first time in human history, we live and work in environments where we don't need to move. Sitting at a desk is just as detrimental to your body as heavy lifting or physically strenuous work. Generations are getting tech neck from mobile device use, and even though as a culture, we are living longer, our bodies need to keep up with our lifestyle habits. Humans are built to stand upright and sleep flat. The heart and cardiovascular system work more effectively that way. Living a sedentary lifestyle or allowing gravity to pull the body towards earth (spiraling-in) will wreak havoc on the spine and joints.

Pain felt happens for you to notice and evaluate-its a signal not to be ignored!  Just by resting still for 60 seconds alone the body goes through billions of chemical reactions per second. The IPATH is a method that will help to still the body, to release and transform-eliminating back/body pain forever.

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