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Postural Alignment 


For the first time in human history, we live and work in environments where we don't need to move. Sitting at a desk is just as detrimental to your body as heavy lifting or physically strenuous work. Generations are getting tech neck from mobile device use, and even though as a culture, we are living longer, our bodies need to keep up with our lifestyle habits. Humans are built to stand upright and sleep flat-the heart and cardiovascular system work more effectively that way.


Living a sedentary lifestyle or involuntarily allowing gravity to pull the body towards earth (spiraling-in) could cause stress on the spine and. major joints could  lead to immobility, and internal dysfuntion over time.  

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Maintaining good posture is key to reducing stress on the body. Poor posture over time can train muscles and put pressure on joints, often leading to pain. IPATH yoga focuses on supported poses that allow the body to relax into proper alignment. This retrains muscles to find and maintain their optimal length.

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Yoga intended to feel and live better ~ Not simply do poses better.


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Supported poses take pressure off problem areas. For example, using bolsters under the back, knees, or head takes weight-bearing pressure off the lower back, hips, and neck where pain may be present.

Shared experience can help reduce feelings of isolation. Creating community IPATH classes gives chronic pain sufferers an opportunity to socialize with others also experiencing pain. This peer support network provides motivation and strategies for mindful and effective pain solutions.



IPATH decompression ball techniques use leverage and gravity to take pressure off joints, which provides relief from pain caused by conpression in the bones and cartilage. By stretching and lengthening the body in a supported way, it allows joints  like the spine, hips, amd shoulders to open and release tension, taking pressuer off nerves and reducing discomfort. 

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