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IPATH decompression balls were designed to get you closer to your posture goals. Feel what it’s like not to slouch. Feel a proper skeletal system adjustment. Cultivate your alignment.

Help your spine and joints properly decompress and align, after Myofascial release, muscle knot pain release, and trigger point therapy. Integral Postural Alignment Therapeutics~ IPATH decompression balls are designed to give you a true experience, and get you closer to your posture goals. The IPATH balls are soft and squishy, used to decompress the lower back, shoulders, and neck, which will create space and relieve tension and pain throughout the spinal system.  Helpful in yoga practices and pilates for giving support, increasing comfort, offering stability, managing variations in anatomical body proportions, and allowing for distinct levels of intensity for poses. Four decompression sequences are included. 


IPATH decompression ball set

SKU: 364215376135191
$22.00 Regular Price
$11.00Sale Price
  • The IPATH® decompression ball set helps create range of motion, and a proper posture alignment experience for the skeletal system -- optimum  for back/body pain managment. Used by Yoga Therapists ,Physical Therapist, and Chiropractors.

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