What is IPATH?


IPATH is a specific sequence of practices, done in order which allow the body to relax, recover and reset alignment.

The accumulation of bad habits may cause the body to be in such misalignment that slouching or overcompensating may feel "comfortable". 

Through IPATH, your body realigns into its natural shape passively through relaxation. The sequence allows deep muscle memory to revert back to natural good habits. After IPATH, your body should start feeling "comfortable" when in its most healthy alignment - eliminating pain, distributing weight appropriately, and reducing tension on your spine. 

IPATH begins with passive myofascial (muscle and fascia) release. A gentle reclining practice allows your body to relax and release the accumulated tension and trauma that has locked you into misalignment.

Once the layers of the of muscle and connective tissue have eased and stretched, we work on restorative spine lengthening and traction. Give the body more space and further removing tension.  

Finally, to retrain your muscles, which are now primed to hold and retain this new shape -  simple isometric exercises. These "trigger points" that will give you the greatest value toward your overall back health and posture.

With the IPATH  method, you  eliminate pain on your own. IPATH advocates self-healing  with simple props without strain or "working out".  By retraining the muscles through ease  and relaxation - we allow our own body to act as "braces" returning us to be the better, more natural posture we were intended to use.


Most people start seeing results after the first session, and with regular practice, the benefits are enduring.