What is IPATH?

Integral Postural Alignment Techniques

The IPATH Story

IPATH® is a unique sequence of five transformative poses, practiced while resting on a mat that allows the body to first release superficial soft tissues throughout the whole body. The body is placed on blocks that support essential skeletal points that work with gravity. This revolutionary 'hands-off" method allows the superficial fascia (soft tissues)​, that are stuck to organically release layer after layer.  The effect of how our neurological system feeds the mind with information that aids in releasing stress using natural breathwork that over time changes the negative patterns set within the body. Stillness and tranquility are essential to The IPATH®  Method, as each practitioner begins a journey of awareness and observation, in order to continue manipulating and releasing the body as a whole. IPATH® doesn't treat symptoms, it goes to the root of the reasons for misalignment. 

The accumulation of habit patterns may cause the body to be in such misalignment that slouching or overcompensated movements may feel "comfortable". 

With the IPATH® sequence,  the body realigns into its natural shape creating space passively through gravity, breathwork, and relaxation. The sequence allows deep muscle memory to revert back to natural habit patterns which free joints. After IPATH®, your body should start feeling "comfortable" because of eliminated layers of stress and its most healthy alignment - eliminating pain, distributing weight appropriately, and reducing tension on the spine and joints. 

IPATH® is popular because of how good it feels to "let go" of tension.​

Once layers of the muscles and connective tissues have eased and lengthened, we work on spine lengthening and traction-allowing the body more space that further removes tension.  

The final poses with the IPATH® postural balls are done to re-train the muscles and skeleton which are then primed to hold and retain a rejuvenated shape. We name this postural  "trigger points".  Our postural mantra  "chin tuck, pelvic tilt, shoulder blades", offer the greatest value toward overall back healthcare and posture.

With the IPATH®  method, stress and pain are eliminated with breathwork, gravity, and MFR release., and the final phase of shape and bone alignment is achieved. It is in the final step we are most proud of. Instead of complaints of the body shortening annually, our students report height changes of up to 3/4" of an inch in only one year of practicing IPATH®.  

Feeling is believing!



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