Your in-home group or private session will keep your practice consistent and your body pain-free!

IPATH® compression

set of 2 IPATH® signature 

Postural Balls

for compression


Foam Yoga Blocks

set of 3

Yoga foam blocks

9 x 5 x 6


Cork Yoga Blocks


Yoga cork blocks

9 x 5 x 6 



60 minute full IPATH® session video

This video/audio offers all 5 IPATH® poses. Feel how the release of fascia, and musculoskeletal manipulation will free the joints and align the spin. Heal your body-live pain free forever.

$ 75

25 minute Heart Opener video

Open your heart with the IPATH® method. Relieving tension with facial release at the heart  center will open closed canals of energy, stiffness and pain. Practicing the Heart Opener a few times per week will change your life!


Are You Good In Bed


Learn why sleeping habits are  essential to ending pain. Correct side and belly sleeping habits. Learn how sleeping on your back will balance the body.

$ 35